Jazz Harmony Book 1



(For all instrumentalists and vocalists) Ebook version of my Jazz Harmony Workbook and Text. This is the same material covered in my online Major Key Jazz Harmony Course. It’s offered here in ebook format for those who prefer work on the material offline. This is the full version (128 pages) and includes the workbook pages so that you can go through it doing the studies the book using stave paper.


  1. Major Scales
  2. Intervals
  3. 7th Chords
  4. The Diatonic Harmonized Major Chord Scale
  5. The II-7 V7 I Chord Progression
  6. Secondary Dominant 7th Chords
  7. Secondary Dominant 7th Chords and their related II-7 chords
  8. Chord Patterns and Turnarounds
  9. Tritone Substitutions
  10. Tritone Substitutions and their related II-7 chords
  11. Secondary Dominant 7th Chords and Tritone Substitutions, Mix and Match
  12. The III-7sub
  13. Deceptive Cadences
  14. The Major Key Cadential Chord Chart
  15. Repetition of the II-7 V7
  16. Delayed Resolutions
  17. Common Song Endings
  18. Dominant 7sus4 Chords
  19. Basic Melodic Extensions for 7th Chords
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