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  • Fretboard Essentials Book 1


    PDF book containing 8 shapes for the major, melodic, harmonic and natural minor scales. Close voiced triad inversions on all string sets. Short arpeggios for triads through 7th chords. Review by Az Samad: [Book Review: Fretboard Essentials Book 1 by Bill Farrish] I’m a geek when it comes to visualizing the guitar retboard. ‘ou name…

  • Fretboard Essentials Book 2


    Combines the Long Arp Studies and Fretboard Essentials Book 1 Major, Melodic Minor, Harmonic Minor & Natural Minor scales & in 8 moveable shapes/fingerings. Includes close voiced triad inversions on all string sets and short arpeggios for 6th and 7th chords. 24 Major and minor 3 octave arpeggios studies. Upper and lower neighbor tones, added…

  • Fretboard Essentials Book 3 – comping


    The voicings used in these studies contain a good amount of altered and extended voicings. It’s important to get these sounds under your fingers and in your ears. When comping for a melody or soloist it is important to listen very closely and provide an interesting background for them based on how they are playing….

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    Fretboard Essentials Complete

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    This is the complete 3 book collection. Includes all 3 of my Fretboard Essentials Books.

  • Long Arpeggio Studies


    PDF book containing 24 Major and minor 3 octave arpeggios studies. Includes fingerings for the arps, upper and lower neighbor tones, added 9ths and 7ths. Written in standard notation includes fingerings. (Includes a supplemental ebook with the arpeggios in TAB) Review.. From Az Samad; First book review for 2023, here’s a great release by Bill…

  • Inside 4 Part Voicings


    Ebook- (contained in a Zip file.) These voicings are a great sound to work into your playing. Includes voicings for 7th chord inversions on the inside 4 strings. Application to II V I progression and comping study for on a standard song.

  • Jazz Harmony Book 1


    (For all instrumentalists and vocalists) Ebook version of my Jazz Harmony Workbook and Text. This is the same material covered in my online Major Key Jazz Harmony Course. It’s offered here in ebook format for those who prefer work on the material offline. This is the full version (128 pages) and includes the workbook pages…