Upcoming Gigs:

Mill Pond Inn, Jefferson, NY. 2 sets from 6-8pm with pianist Tim Iversen.

New things going on…

I’ve added an online store to my site where you can purchase solo guitar arrangements, lessons on harmony, improvisation and technique. You can also make arrangements to study with me privately via Zoom, FaceTime or Skype.

Session Work

I’ve upgraded my home studio and now offer remotely recorded guitar tracks. I can also provide arrangements for any size band you are working with

New Music

Also in the works I’ve been busy writing music for an upcoming album to be released this coming summer or fall of 2022. More about this as the time gets closer.

Music and Video

In the past couple of years I’ve set-up a YouTube Channel and released some music on streaming services. Some of it is old recordings I’ve done in the past which are now out of print, chord melodies and other educational material and music I’ve written for various projects throughout the years. It’s a pretty eclectic mix and growing as time permits.