Born in St. Albans, Queens, NY, virtuoso guitarist and master musician Bill Farrish has released six CD’s for MCR Records throughout the late 1990’s – early 2000’s under his own name. His music’s been featured on several radio broadcasts in Europe, the Far East, and South America. 

In addition to leading his own groups, Bill has performed as a sideman with Shunzo Ohno, Bernard Purdie, David Garibaldi, John Stowell, Charles Eubanks, Sadiq Abdu Shahid, Mike Portnoy, Jimmy Halperin, Steve Kenyon, Kiku Collins, Cecil Bridgewater, Dennis Wilson, Rob Garcia, Jeff Palmer, Kim Novack, Arthur Prysock, Ray Alexander, Dave Ambrosio, Greg Bobulinski, Eric Goletz, Terry Newman, John Ray, Bobby Brennen, Tony Romano, Joe Carbone, Peter Rogine, Wes Belcamp, Robin Radus and others. Off-Broadway productions of The Man of LaMancha, Lil’ Shop of Horrors, Hair, and Tapestry.

Off-Broadway productions of The Man of LaMancha, Lil’ Shop of Horrors, Hair, and Tapestry. In 2014 Bill was featured on All About Jazz in an article entitled “Practice, Do You?” written by Dom Minasi which also featured many of the worlds top jazz musicians. Television credits include: Bea Moss Productions and “The Carl Bruno Show“ TCI Cable, TV., featured artist in the independently released production “An Evening with Bill Farrish” by Raven Productions, QPTV., composer of the theme and incidental music for The Park, Eun Kyung Show, Radio Seoul, Flushing NY and many jingles.



If you want to hear some excellent and intensely reflective playing in a small combo format , check out this and the rest of the songs on Dialogue.” – Jazz Fusion Central

Carl Bruno Show

Bill’s one of the most creative guitarists I’ve ever heard. The ideas flow from him effortlessly.” – Carl Bruno, The Carl Bruno Show TCI Cable


Improv tracks, original and barely produced. It’s Zen recording time kids and this talented duo pulls it off. ….Farrish and Radus are able to fly on their axes and the musical axis and the result is pleasing, moody, smooth and great.” – Frank Cotolo Pure Reviews (Dialogue)


It is some of the best that is out there. …listenin’ to Bill… you will hear guitar playing with “the feel” only one in 6 billion has….and you’ll like it.” –Neal Bond – CentralAudio.com

Bill is a fantastic guitarist/musician and teacher.” – Dom Minasi – Guitarist, Composer, Educator, Recording Artist & Author


Practice, Do You? Part 3-3, by Dom Minasi (ARTICLE)

close up photo of gray wall


Thoughts Of The Day, by Dom Minasi (ARTICLE)



Dialogue – Bill Farrish / Robin Radus- FMC-NY/MCR Records

Space Jam – Mike Fijal Independent Release Canada

Oz – Bill Farrish -FMC-NY/MCR Records

Sketches of a Summer Day – Bill Farrish -FMC-NY/MCR Records

Close to the Edge- Bill Farrish -FMC-NY/MCR Records

Indie Journal Compilations Vol. 1 – MCR Records

A Rock Odyssey – Remo – MCR Records

Made to Order Guitarist – Remo – MCR Records

Psychedelic Orange – Strangecloud -MCR Records


Columnist for Jazz Guitar Today 2018-2020

Major Key Jazz/Commercial Harmony Workbook and Text, Farrish Music Co. – 2019 

Jazz Guitar Volume I, Farrish Music Co. – 2017

Basic Musicianship Text and Workbook, Farrish Music Co. – 2017

Fretboard Essentials 1, 2 & 3, Farrish Music Co – 2023

Long Arpeggio Studies, Farrish Music Co – 2023


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