“Bill is one of the most musically creative guitarists I’ve ever heard…..the ideas flow from him effortlessly.” —Carl Bruno/host of the Carl Bruno Show,TCI Cable, Brookhaven, New York

“If you want to hear some excellent and intensely reflective playing in a small- combo format, check out this and the rest of the songs on “Dialogue” –Jazz Fusion Central ( Dialogue)

”Improv tracks, original and barely produced. It’s Zen recording time, kids and this talented duo pulls it off. ….Farrish and Radus are able to fly on their axes and the musical axis and the result is pleasing, moody, smooth and great with a cup of ultra-strong java”. –Frank Cotolo, – Pure Reviews (Dialogue)

“It is some of the best that is out there. Get out of overdrive…. …listenin to Bill…you will hear guitar playing with “the feel” only one in 6 billion has….and you’ll like it.” –Neal Bond – CentralAudio.com (Sketches of a Summer Day)

The Bill Farrish Trio





Guitarist Bill Farrish has performed and or recorded as a leader in various groups ranging in size from solo artist to quintet and also released six CD’s for MCR Records. His music has been featured on several radio broadcasts in Europe, New Zealand, the Far East and South America.As a sideman Farrish has performed in both concert and club settings with: Shunzo Ohno, Charles Eubanks, Sadique Abdu Shahid, Bernard Purdie, Jimmy Halperin, Cecil Bridgewater, Tito Puente Jr., Kiku Collins, Arthur Prysock,Wes Belcamp, Robin Radus, Paula Berardinelli, Neil Waltzer, David Garibaldi, David Gomez, Mike Portnoy,  Steve Kenyon, Vince Scuderi, Dennis Bram, Mike Fijal, Greg Bobulinski, George Berardinelli, Eric Goletz, Dennis Wilson, Kim Novack,  Dave Ambrosio, Terry Newman, John Ray, Bobby Brennen, Tony Romano, Joe Carbone, Peter Rogine and many others.Off-Broadway productions of The Man of LaMancha, Lil’ Shop of Horrors, Hair and Tapestry.session work for gold and platinum recording engineer Remo Leomporra Jr, the bands StrangeColud, QCC, Kim Novak and many others. Television credits include: Bea Moss Productions and The Carl Bruno Show– TCI Cable, TV., featured artist in the independently released production “An Evening with Bill Farrish” by Raven Productions, QPTV. composer of the theme and incidental music for The Park, Eun Kyung Show– Radio Seoul, Flushing NY.

Bassist Rich Mollin, International bandleader, performing and recording artist RC Mollin has been a part of the music industry since 1980. He has been a leader of modern musical groups including show bands, Rock, Jazz, R+B, Blues, Funk, and Free Improvisation ensembles.Sideman and Bandleader on Norwegian Cruise lines, Costa lines, Holland America, and Carnival lines, Rich worked on stage with hundreds of headline acts. As Bandleader for Michael Carney Music in Manhattan, Rich led a Jazz trio 6 nights a week for 9 years with many of New York’s finest pianists and drummers. He has performed for dignitaries, heads of state, and jazz fans in venues throughout the east coast. He currently heads one of the largest bass studios in the SUNY system teaching String Bass and Electric Bass. He also began the jazz improvisation studies class and performs regularly in the area now in a variety of genres with The Catskill Symphony Orchestra, Orpheus Theatre, Mask and Hammer Productions and innumerable jazz settings and recording as house Bassist with Sonart recording studios in Woodstock, NY. As well as other projects.

Drummer John Hvasta has 40 Years playing; 21 years professional playing, 27 years teaching drums, 30 years playing Jazz, Rock, Rhythm and Blues, Funk, Rockabilly, Country, Fusion, and Avante Guard . Author of “”New Age Drum Set Movements”” and co-author of the Rhythm Section Column for Sky lands Blues Music Publication. John also is occasionally a contributing author in the bang Section of Electronic Musician. Education: Private studies with Jim Chapin, Joe Morello, Dom  Famularo, Al Miller, Gary Chaffee, David Garibaldi, and Sam Ulano.