John Resch

“For the past two years, I’ve been lucky enough to study with Bill Farrish at Suny Oneonta.  His explanations in lessons have been very clear and have opened me up to a variety of ways to look at improvising, comping and composing.  Every single lesson I have learned something new that I can take and immediately apply to my guitar playing.  His structure of the material makes complete sense and has helped me to build my skills and knowledge effectively.  He explains practicing techniques and exercises to you so you have a foundation on which to build a practice routine.  That really helps to focus you so you can learn more efficiently.  A huge thing I’ve learned with Bill is harmony, which is so crucial to everything really.  The amount of harmony he’s taught me has changed how I look at soloing and comping and has improved my knowledge and playing in those areas so much.  Bill’s patience with students and commitment to music are unmatched.  When he teaches, you can see the passion he has for this art form and it inspires you to do your best…and that’s what he expects.  I have grown so much studying with Bill and I’ll continue to grow afterwards because of all the material we’ve covered and the lasting impression his teaching has made on me.  If you are looking to grow as a guitar player, or musician in general, you’ve found the right teacher with Bill”.-John Resch Guitarist and Luthier