Andrew Grau

“While at SUNY Oneonta, I was able to work with Bill Farrish in an ensemble as well as private lessons.  The ensemble was a small group with.  Bill was able to not only share his experience, but he challenged everyone in the group harmonically and repertoire wise.  It was refreshing to be challenged instead of accepting mediocrity in program not expecting excellence.  When I told Bill that I had wanted to go to grad school for jazz, he took it upon himself to school me for an hour a week in private harmony lessons.  Not only were these lessons the boost I needed to help me get into the program at queens college, but I also found I had a greater understanding of harmony than many of the other students who went to prestigious schools and working professionals.  Bill Farrish is a great teacher, but also a great motivator.  Guitar students should be lucky to work with such a talented and knowledgeable teacher”- Andrew Grau, Professional Touring Musician.