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From Former Students & Colleagues…..

If you’d like to study with me I currently offer lessons via FaceTime, Skype or Zoom right here directly from my website.

“Bill Farrish’s dedication to teaching and his deep knowledge of music makes him a great choice for anyone looking to get to a higher level. He has the increasingly rare gift of old school knowledge and ethics, coupled with a modernist’s sensibility of melody, harmony, and rhythm.”

-Tony Romano, guitarist, International performing and recording Artist

“Bill Farrish is one of the greatest teachers I’ve ever had. He opened my mind and my ears to music in a way that no other teacher could. Changing the way I hear and play music for the rest of my life. Bill also guided, supported and encouraged me in all my musical endeavors and I am eternally grateful.”

Dave Kain – (jazz guitarist & recording artist)

“I learned more about music with Bill in one semester of study than I did in 4 years of college”

John Machado , Guitarist, Chairman of the Audio Recording Technology at Five Towns College, Dix Hills N.Y.

“Bill Farrish is a very knowledgeable musician. He has an organized system of teaching that is excellent and has a consistent track record of turning out skilled musicians. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced musician I highly recommend studying with him.”

Peter Roqine, Former Chair of Five Towns College Guitar Dept., Dix Hills N.Y

“I was lucky enough at an early age to get to study with Bill as well as even getting to play with him in an ensemble. He introduced me to Michael Breckers “Nothing Personal” album. We actually played a few songs from that album, and I remember those songs kicked my butt!!! I remember Bill Farrish teaching me the harmony of what was going on with those songs, my modes, and the most important, the bassist on that album Charlie Haden. It was my introduction to Charlie and his bass playing. Lucky enough I went off to finish my BFA at Cal Arts where I got to study with Charlie, what a treat that was. So Bill has a lot to offer and if you have the chance to study with him, take advantage of it! Thanks Bill”.

Bobby Brennan, International Touring Musician

“For the past two years, I’ve been lucky enough to study with Bill Farrish at Suny Oneonta.  His explanations in lessons have been very clear and have opened me up to a variety of ways to look at improvising, comping and composing.  Every single lesson I have learned something new that I can take and immediately apply to my guitar playing.  His structure of the material makes complete sense and has helped me to build my skills and knowledge effectively.  He explains practicing techniques and exercises to you so you have a foundation on which to build a practice routine.  That really helps to focus you so you can learn more efficiently.  A huge thing I’ve learned with Bill is harmony, which is so crucial to everything really.  The amount of harmony he’s taught me has changed how I look at soloing and comping and has improved my knowledge and playing in those areas so much.  Bill’s patience with students and commitment to music are unmatched.  When he teaches, you can see the passion he has for this art form and it inspires you to do your best…and that’s what he expects.  I have grown so much studying with Bill and I’ll continue to grow afterwards because of all the material we’ve covered and the lasting impression his teaching has made on me.  If you are looking to grow as a guitar player, or musician in general, you’ve found the right teacher with Bill”.

John Resch Professional Guitarist and Luthier

“Bill’s deep understanding and appreciation of music is reflected in his compositions, performances, technique, and teaching methods. Learning from Bill helped to give me the foundation I needed to grow as a musician.”

Brian Eisenpresser, guitarist, producer and columnist for Guitar World Magazine.

“While at SUNY Oneonta, I was able to study with Bill Farrish in an ensemble as well as private lessons. The ensemble was a small group with. Bill not only shared his experience, but he challenged everyone in the group harmonically and repertoire wise. It was refreshing to be challenged instead of accepting mediocrity in program not expecting excellence.  When I told Bill that I had wanted to go to grad school for jazz, he took it upon himself to school me for an hour a week in private harmony lessons.  Not only were these lessons the boost I needed to help me get into the program at queens college, but I also found I had a greater understanding of harmony than many of the other students who went to prestigious schools and working professionals.  Bill Farrish is a great teacher, but also a great motivator.  Guitar students should be lucky to work with such a talented and knowledgeable teacher”

Andrew Grau, Professional Touring Musician

” I remember coming my first lesson Bill Farrish I could barely play a scale or even a chord, but with his patience and guidance in five semesters I performed a full recital. He went beyond what all my teacher would go. I remember I could not afford summer lessons but we worked something out. He was honest, patience, and a great teacher. He taught me so much to cover me 10 years for me practice. Thank you Bill. I hope more students would understand that he not teaching you just guitar, he is teaching you MUSIC.”

Jose Confesor, Guitarist, NYS Certified Teacher