Session Work

I’m now available for remote session work. All guitar tracks are recorded at your requested bit/sample rate at my studio into Digital Performer. After the tracks are completed they can be uploaded to either Drop Box or your preferred service. Guitar tracks are professionally mic’d or they can be recorded direct giving you the opportunity to re-amp the tracks at your studio. I also write arrangements for groups ranging in size from duo to big band.

Equipment includes:

  • Royer, Shure and AKG microphones.
  • Acoustic Image, Ampeg, Tech21 amps and various amp modeling software.
  • Various acoustic and electric guitars.
  • Tracks are recorded and delivered at rates up to 32bit float, 192khz.
  • Digital Performer 10 software and MOTU interface. Along with Royer mic preamps.

For more information , including rates: use the contact form below. Please include as much information about your project as possible.

** I DO NOT provide mixing or mastering services, so don’t ask. I’m a musician who can provide high quality guitar tracks and arrangements for your recording projects, period. If you need mixing or mastering services, ask the studio where you are recording for recommendations.***