Film Music Demos

This page contains large video files to present my demos in the best possible audio and video quality. Please allow time for the files to load.

Most of the instrumentation used these demos was generated using midi and either synthesizers and (or) sampled sounds. I score all of my music and it can also be performed and recorded by live musicians in a studio. My compositions are scored in Dorico and final work is completed in Digital Performer. Musicians can be recorded (overdubbed) in my small studio using RME interfaces and a variety of microphones. Sessions requiring a large ensemble will need to be recorded at an outside studio. I can deliver full mixes that will sync to your project or stems of each track to the studio of your choice. I can compose music in just about any style your project requires.

Farm Scene: (Americana) The New Deal, Bill Farrish : Film footage by Cottonbro Studio.
Sailing: (Modern Jazz Ballad) Audrey’s Way, Bill Farrish : Film footage by Cottonbro Studios.
Abandoned Home: (Dark / Hopeful)) Music: Untitled, Bill Farrish / Farrish Music Co.Film footage by Matthias Groeneveld.
Race Scene: (HipHop Funk 24 – Bill Farrish / Farrish Music Co. Film footage by Pablo Cordero and Abed Ismall.
Horror Scene: Untitled (music + sound effects) Bill Farrish : Film footage by Cottonbro Studio

I’ll be adding more demos in the weeks to come.