Jazz Guitar – Volume 1

by Bill Farrish

Volume I in the Jazz Guitar Series deals with the fundamentals of jazz guitar  and was written to help musicians who already have a basic knowledge of functional harmony and are in what I call the “just do it” phase of learning. Topics covered are: Major and minor scales, Basic modes, Long and short arpeggios. Fingerings and exercises are  also given to help develop technique. The second section deals with fingerboard harmony and includes topics from basic diatonic function , turn-arounds secondary dominants and tritone substitutions in a workbook form. The purpose of this book is to help you develop technique and the basic harmonic skills needed to function as a jazz guitarist. NOTHING IN THIS BOOK IS OF A THEORETICAL NATURE. It contains real world, commonly used techniques in the performance of jazz. Much of the material can also be applied to other styles of music.

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Basic Musicianship

by Bill Farrish

Covers the basics, how to read notes on the staff, intervals, major and minor scales, key signatures, triads, inversions, basic rhythms and song forms, chord charts and lead sheets. Designed for complete beginners regardless of instrument. It’s the same text I use in my Basic Musicianship courses at SUNY Oneonta. If you’re looking to prep for a jazz/commercial college program and have no experience in music theory this will get you there and on the right track. All explanations are simple and to the point.


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Manuscript Book

150 pages, 8 staves per page.

Perfect for working on transcriptions or composition.

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