• Mercury Semi-Hollow by Ric McCurdy
  • Custom T-Style guitar by John Resch
  •  Mid 80’s Gibson L4
  • Early 80’s Gibson 335
  • Ramirez 2CWE nylon string
  • 2 Alvarez Yari steel string acoustics from the late 80’s
  • Late 70’s Fender Strat


  • D’Addario 12- 52 on my semi-hollows and archtop.
  • D’Addario 11’s on my solid bodies.
  • Various on the Ramirez, usually a set of LaBellas
  • D’Addario medium guage acoustics on Alvarez


  • D’Andrea small teardrop Heavy


  • Pearce G2r
  • Acoustic Image Clarus II
  • Acoustic Image Clarus slr IV
  • 2 Reazers Edge Stealth 12 cabinets

Pedals and such…..

  • Dunlop Volume X
  • Eventide TimeFactor
  • TC Electronics Stereo Chorus+
  • ProCo RAT2
  • TC Electronics Ditto X2
  • Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2 Plus
  • Countryman Direct Box
  • In terms of wires I’ve found Mogami Gold to work the best for me.