• Guitar and Bass
  • Guitar and Piano


  • Guitar, Bass and Drums
  • Guitar, Organ and Drums


  • Guitar, Trombone/Trumpet, Bass and Drums
  • Guitar, Piano, Bass and Drums


  • Guitar, Trombone/Trumpet, Piano, Bass and and Drums
  • Guitar, Vocalist, Piano, Bass and Drums

R&B and Jazz

I also perform with the group Doreen and The Soul Survivors. This group performs a mix of R&B and Jazz Classics and features vocalist Doreen Commerford along with Rob Roman – piano, Evan Jagels-bass, Rob Lipari-drums, myself on guitar and can be augmented with a horn section.

If you would be interested in having myself or any of the groups I work with perform at your venue, festival or event feel free to contact me using the form below.