This video is part 1 in a series on using the basic blues to develop a “Jazz” vocabulary.

Part 1 covers the basics.

Recorded in 1080p HD and contains sub-titles. Please watch in Full Screen.

This is part one in a series of lessons that I use to introduce students developing a jazz vocabulary. The progression is a standard I IV V blues progression in the key of Bb.
This brief lesson deals with guidetones, Major and Minor Pentatonic scales, the Dorian mode and understanding the difference between active and release (passive) measures.
As you work on the concepts presented in this short video try to use the “hotter” sounding minor pentatonic scales on the active (even numbered 2,4,6, etc… ) measures. Use the more restful sounding major pentatonics on the release measures (1,2,3, etc….) And yes it will sound very mechanical until the techniques are under your fingers and you are confident with them.
This method will help get used resolving the 7th of one chord to the third of the next when the bass note cycles. ( When Bb7 cycles , moves up a perfect 4th or down a perfect 5th, to Eb7 the 7th of the Bb7 chord ,Ab, resolves down a half step to the ,G, of the Eb7 chord.) The same occurs when the F7 cycles to the Bb7 chord (The note Eb resolving down to D).
It’s vital that this concept is put into practice. It helps to develop your ear and also allows you to understand and utilize more advanced concepts and practices when improvising.
Future parts of this series will deal with back-cycling, modal interchange and expanding the concept of active and release.

the progression used in this example is…..
[|: Bb7 / / / | / / / / | / / / / | / / / / | Eb7 / / / | / / / / | Bb7 / / / | / / / / | F7 / / / | Eb7 / / / | Bb7 / / / | / / F7 / :|]

Post Author: Bill Farrish

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