“Bill is one of the most musically creative guitarists I’ve ever heard…..the ideas flow from him effortlessly.” —Carl Bruno/host of the Carl Bruno Show,TCI Cable, Brookhaven, New York

“If you want to hear some excellent and intensely reflective playing in a small- combo format, check out this and the rest of the songs on “Dialogue” –Jazz Fusion Central

“listenin’ to Bill… you will hear guitar playing with “the feel” only one in 6 billion has….and you’ll like it.” –Neal Bond –CentralAudio.com 

Check it out

Want to hear some music and check out a few video performances…

If you’re wanting to take your playing and musicianship to the next level you’ll find information about studying music with me here. (Serious inquiries only)

Re-released recordings from a few years back. Currently working on new music to be out soon.

Here you can purchase books I’ve written geared towards the study of jazz guitar.

The guitars I use and other stuff you might find of interest.

Here you’ll find a list of educational articles I’ve written for Jazz Guitar Today.

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