“Bill is one of the most musically creative guitarists I’ve ever heard…..the ideas flow from him effortlessly.” —Carl Bruno/host of the Carl Bruno Show,TCI Cable, Brookhaven, New York

“If you want to hear some excellent and intensely reflective playing in a small- combo format, check out this and the rest of the songs on “Dialogue” –Jazz Fusion Central ( Dialogue)

”Improv tracks, original and barely produced. It’s Zen recording time, kids and this talented duo pulls it off. ….Farrish and Radus are able to fly on their axes and the musical axis and the result is pleasing, moody, smooth and great with a cup of ultra-strong java”. –Frank Cotolo, – Pure Reviews (Dialogue)

“It is some of the best that is out there. Get out of overdrive…. …listenin to Bill…you will hear guitar playing with “the feel” only one in 6 billion has….and you’ll like it.” –Neal Bond – CentralAudio.com (Sketches of a Summer Day)

Two New Book Releases……..


Jazz Guitar – Vol. 1

Volume I deals with the fundamentals of jazz guitar and was written to help musicians who already have a basic knowledge of functional harmony and are in what I call the “just do it” phase of learning. Topics covered are: Major and minor scales, Basic modes, Long and short arpeggios. Fingerings and exercises are also given to help develop technique. The second section deals with fingerboard harmony and includes topics from basic diatonic function , turn-arounds secondary dominants and tritone substitutions in a workbook form.


Basic Musicianship

Covers the basics, how to read notes on the staff, intervals, major and minor scales, key signatures, triads, inversions, basic rhythms and song forms, chord charts and leadsheets. Designed for complete beginners regardless of instrument. It’s the same text I use in my Basic Musicianship courses at SUNY Oneonta.